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Inadequate Dad

I love taking my daughter to pre-school. She bounces and sings and laughs on the way to school. She sometimes cheers as the building comes into sight. This morning she declared how beautiful her lunch box was. I am glad she likes it. I am glad she is happy. I find her beautiful. Today the teachers commented on her wonderful hair and that they thought it had grown over the Thanksgiving holiday. Indeed, it looks longer. I am prideful when others say how cute Amy is. I love her face.

I feel sad though as I look at her happiness and innocence knowing that our jaded society lurks in the not too distant future waiting to rob her of that joy and turn innocence into scorn. I cannot protect her from the vast negativity, hate and politics that seem to seep into our lives. Even this morning I found myself having to pander to someone’s political play where none was needed; unnecessary tension.

I hope she never loses her smile. I hope remains so happy.

2 thoughts on “Inadequate Dad

  1. If you believe society will inevitably “rob her of her joy and turn innocence to scorn”, she will believe that too. And you will have lost the game before even getting up to bat.

    You can protect her from the “vast negativity, hate and politics” by simply rejecting its power on you, and by extension on her. Once she sees her daddy believe that love, hope and faith can shield anyone from the bad stuff, she will believe it in her heart, too. And you will have provided her all she needs.

    Keep faith, keep hope, keep love within her easy grasp and don’t bow to the “inevitable”. Laugh in its face.

  2. Good words Barry! Thanks. I needed that.

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