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My head feels clouded today. The sky is overcast. I have no clear mission for the day. Seems like I have 100 little things that I need to do for other people. I have not heard a word back since my interview and that disappoints me as I was/am thrilled with the company. Christmas lurks. I want to be working on the house. And time keeps on ticking…

Oh, speaking of fuzzy, Tommy likes Pink Floyd, as he should, so last night the other kids were away so Tommy got to see The Wall (wikipedia entry) for the first time. As Cathy and I watched it with him, I had this strange realization that last night was possibly the first time I have ever seen the movie sober. I have a list of things that I almost did. Rather than regret not doing this things I remember them to prevent hesitation in future opportunities. One of my big almosts came in 1990 when I had passport in hand, credit card at the ready, and I almost flew to Germany to see Roger Waters perform Pink Floyd’s The Wall in celebration of The Berlin Wall being torn down.

5 thoughts on “Fuzzy

  1. You need a mission? I’ll make a list for you.

  2. I don’t need a list. I need a focus.

  3. Yeah, the Wall sober isn’t quite the same thing, is it?

  4. This way you don’t pass out halfway through the movie.

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