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Cathy gets eBay – really well!

So, Cathy has this collection of Rodney Reindeers from Hallmark. They have been discontinued. We had 6 but now there are seven people in the family. I offer to help her find one more but she wants to take care of it. Several days pass and I hear nothing about it so I decide to take some initiative and check eBay. Rodney has about 85 auctions. I exuberantly relay the information to Cathy who responds with, "shutup!"

Apparently Cathy discovered Rodney on eBay on her own. And lost her first auction. In an effort to not lose again, she bid on 6 auctions! She won 3 of them. So, if the number of Rodneys are supposed to match the number of people in house, Cathy had better get to work because it appears we need to more than double the size of the household.

5 thoughts on “Cathy gets eBay – really well!

  1. Bite me!

  2. Oh Well, You should have plenty for your grandkids to play with years down the road.

  3. I have “served my purpose”.

  4. I haven’t seen those since I was a kid! I had 2 of them. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Unless Cathy is up on cloning, looks like you’ll need to be involved too…

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