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Santa Lives in Westmoreland

So being a dad, I had the sudden urge to torment the children with a long drive home so that we could look at lights. I turn into Westmoreland and suddenly see Santa running up his driveway with candy canes in hand for each of the children! As he opened the door to the van Evan puckered up but quickly became contented as a candy cane was presented to him. I think Evan figures Santa is alright.

This guy was great! I look forward to one day being as creative and taking time to bring such magic to people’s lives. Thanks Santa!

3 thoughts on “Santa Lives in Westmoreland

  1. Do you remember Dad having to call Santa when you wouldn’t eat your peas? Santa must follow you around…

  2. I’d forgot about that. Seems we had many conversations with Santa.

  3. […] Do you have the spirit? Seeing Santa last night was great! The children certainly are ready. I am excited and we have been blessed this year. […]

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