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Christmas Eve Is Upon Us – Really?

It’s going to be a comfortable 13°C today. The sun is shining and there is no chance of a white Christmas this year. We will have rain! So perhaps if we can get this global warming thing under control we can return to having white Christmases!

Do you have the spirit? Seeing Santa last night was great! The children certainly are ready. I am excited and we have been blessed this year.

Our tree is a bit barren in comparison to years past at this time. We have only a few packages under the tree for fear of Evan opening them prematurely. So far, only one present has been opened. That was Molly’s doing. She was unhappy that we left her alone last night. The item isn’t damaged and the package was rewrapped unawares to the children.

Time to do some last minute tiddying up!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Is Upon Us – Really?

  1. Is Christmas Eve still on us, Doug?

  2. Hey, Happy New Year (and Christmas, too)!

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