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Welcome 2007!

So, we had Christmas. It was a great Christmas! We had vomiting. We had fever. We had diarrhea. We had visitors. May our visitors not have our stomach bug.(update: too late) All things considered, that was our only major sickness of 2006. Way to go out!


  • Friday-Sunday- last minutes, wrapping, and cleaning.
  • Monday: Morning of happy children. Visit Great Granny at nursing home.
  • Tuesday: Play.
  • Tuesday night: inverted stomaches. First Noah. Then Amy. Then Evan. The look on Evan’s face as everything came out the wrong way for the first time since infancy was almost precious. Sorta like, "what the h*ll was that!" I spent the night jumping out of bed on the hour to make sure the children weren’t choking in their own vomit.
  • Wednesday: Exhausted. Can’t tell if I’m fighting the bug myself. Tending to sick people and cleaning for Friday’s visitors. We learn that 4 or 5 elderly from the nursing home, including Great Granny, went to the hospital with an intestinal bug.
  • Thursday: Evan and I spend the afternoon at the pediatrician. He sleeps in my arms and I force him to drink 5mm of Pedialyte every 5 minutes for an hour. As closing time approaches the doc shortens our hour and declares Evan on the mend.
  • Friday: Grandparents from Ohio visit. Nanny and Aunt Kelly avoid the stomach bug but Pop gets it. More people from the nursing home to the hospital and CDC style cleanup begins.
  • Saturday: The stomach bug hits me with a vengence and I sleep for 12 hours while Cathy cries upstairs with a migraine cursing my existence.
  • Sunday: Everyone mended, we leave the house for the first time since Christmas and attempt exchanges and returns. Toys R Us says, "Can you jump through Geoffrey’s hoop?" We attempt to purchase missing parts for Tommy’s long awaited computer upgrade (I forgot about the cpu fan ( is overpriced locally by $10) and he needs the new "standard" psu of 24 pins instead of 20 pins (so naturally we run out and buy a new 20 pin psu…doh!). We all stay up too late playing Monopoly. My wife is mean Monopoly player!
  • Monday: 2007 begins. I start off wanting to feel behind, carrying 2006 baggage but catch myself and refuse to start 2007 on a crabby, unhappy note. This is our New Year!

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  1. Happy New year mate..

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