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Do the children of today need the OS of the future?

So how cruel would it be to give a 10 year old boy a computer with Edubuntu instead of Windows? Would it actually be beneficial to him? I think back to my Atari 400 and the numerous Apple ][es and DOS boxes that I came up on and I played games and created databases and understood the basics. I believe Linux will be influential in their lifes and they should be exposed to numerous significant operating systems. In part, that is why I want the children to have a modern Apple in the house. They need to know that Windows is not the only option and they need to know how to navigate each OS. But is it cruel to give a child a machine that does not play the games his brother’s computer plays?

And yes, I’m thinking dual booting the machine with Edubuntu as the default and Windows as a secondary OS.

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  1. Unless they’re going to be a programmer, why should they care what OS is on their system? As long as it surfs the web, sends email, opens Word or Wordperfect and plays games what difference does it make?

    I’ve never used Linux, never even seen an OS Linux to my knowledge.

    And I’ve never even heard of Edubuntu – does it speak Esparanto? 😉

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