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We are violating our children’s rights!

Juliet Pain of Wales hates us. She suggests that someone get Dr. Phil to intervene with us quickly.

Perhaps some relative or friend will get Dr Phil intervention for them soon, as they do seem to have become a tad obsessed with documenting their lives, to the point where it looks as if they are living mainly in order to record them… [Source]

I say bring on the doc! He will say we are an incredibly well balanced, well adjusted, happy family.

We have received numerous thank yous and positive comments from Aspie caregivers for being so open about Tommy’s experiences. I don’t think we have ever posted anything embarassing about the children.

I feel sorry for people that do not understand technology and technology trends until after they happen. We are the midst of a publishing revolution. Biographies are being written real-time. I would love to go back and read about my life in, say, 1976. If privacy is your concern, you are barking up the wrong tree. The smart pass on your keychain reveals your whereabouts and personal information. Cameras abound in places that we never think to look. Your very purchases create a record of your existence and your doing. Without much effort, a person’s day can retrospectively be tracked down to minute.

for the most part, it would appear to be a violation of a child’s basic human rights, with reference to privacy, and of The Rights of the Child, with reference to dignity, and which convention has yet to be ratified by the US – not that it needs to be ratified for the right to truly exist (rights do not exist in reality, no), all that would take would be for the parents to discover or uncover some common sense [Source]

Our websites are but a mere glimpse into our whole lives. Our lives are much more full than what the words in these posts imply. There is more drama. There are more tears. There is screaming and fighting. There is undocumented laughter and joy. There are financial hardships and worry. There is life! You live it once, you should live it fully and we do!

I do no injustice to my children through my publishings. They have no loss of dignity. I know that if I have a heart attack and die today, or get hit by a bus tomorrow, my children can return to these publishing and relive our experiences. Through my writings, I leave a legacy.

Dear Juliet Pain, I hope one day we meet and then you can judge me as a person. I would be interested in seeing if your opinion of my family would change.

9 thoughts on “We are violating our children’s rights!

  1. If Ms.Pain-in-the-rear paid attention instead of getting our site from the archives of a very old hate site, she would notice that we quit using that blog when Tommy started blogging for himself. I like the fact that she links to a bible site and thinks herself a good person when she is really a troll without a sense of humor.

  2. Please allow me to cross post (cross comment?) what I put on the pompous Ms. Pain’s Site:

    So the only way the world can work, is through your stuck up, and rather pompous view of them?

    Whether these people choose to document their children’s lives online or not is a personal choice. Thousands of people choose to do similar every day.

    I’m thrilled to know that you have such a perfect memory that you can remember 5 years hence without clouding what you did with you child so that you could document it later. Most are not so gifted.

    Several news specials on prominant news stations have highlighted the trend known as “Mommyblogging” (although it applies to “dads” as well) about mothers that share their trials and tribulations through blogs to garner insight from others, and to share their experience to help others. Many people have found this a wonderful tool for that purpose. But I guess, we need your express written consent to do so.

    The fact that you even suggest “Dr. Phil” as a worthwhile source for intervention says, either a. you don’t have a life and spend entirely too much time in front of the television. b. your a blathering idiot, or c. all of the above.

    You go on to prove your cluelessness in your depraved suggetion that you would be “positively willing an accident, a funeral, a lightning strike…anything different to document” Well then, aren’t we the attention seeking drama queen. Documenting what is your life, is just that. The good, the bad, the indifferent. It is not about the salaciousness of what you are writing, it is the documenting of what is.

    The simple rule applies here, if you don’t particularly like what is on a blog, move on. As I will do after this.


    I am seriously snarling and thinking very unladylike things!

  4. Judging from her most recent post, where she disabled comments, she is using you guys as a basis for some weird anti-american rhetoric. While I have no beef with anti-american rhetoric, she seems to have a rather close minded and ignorant way of doing it. She also seems, based on her history of commented post, to not have much of a readership.
    Which goes to prove that dumbasses don’t get paid much attention until they, uh.. say something dumb.
    Or something.
    How’d she come across this place, anyway?

  5. Based on her comments and blog focus I’d say she came through the anti-breeders discussion group.

  6. Looks like comments are open again … since I showed her that it is still possible to post them on Blogger even if closed! PWN3D!

  7. From all her focus on “human rights” and quoting from various international standards, she seems to lack a basic grasp of its meaning.

    That comes from someone who has chosen to dive too deeply into a particular abyss… they’ve so surrounded themselves in the minutiae they’ve lost perspective and common sense.

  8. I commented on her site too
    go easy on her – she is a young kid with not much a clue – if we can instruct her hopefully this can be the thing she needs to learn tolerance of others. by slamming her back we are equally intolerant. still the comments were pretty rude!

  9. A Pain in the Butt…

    This is absolutely vile! Some chick that goes by "Julie Pain" has posted her judgement of some dear friends of mine. Their crime, in her eyes? Blogging about their family. This woman calls herself a Christian … that will surely make Baby Je…

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