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Dad’s a bad guy

So I look out the window and I see Tommy standing up in his seat, laughing manically, and swatting at another child. At least that is what I thought I saw. So, to nip things in the bud, I react and rush the bus denouncing their childish behavior and explaining that the bus driver can’t drive the bus safely with them acting as such. So the kids think Tommy’s dad is nuts. Tommy is confused. Mom is angry and I just don’t like myself much. So much for trying to do the right thing. The tv dads make this parenting thing seem so much easier.

Yes, I did call the bus driver and she explained that the kids were just chatting energetically and that the bus has been more peaceful of late. She extended my apology to the children. Mmmmmm. Crow.

The wife has thrown dirty diapers at me. I guess that means I am on the path to being forgiven.

2 thoughts on “Dad’s a bad guy

  1. ah Grasshoppa as you have learned, jumping to conclusions is much like jumping off of a cliff…

    (says man with many scars from leaping himself)

  2. MastaG was the bus marshal on his route, before he became a car rider. You and he could probably have some good conversations…

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