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Are you Web 2.0? Get with the times!

Have you followed the Web2.0 craze? (Don’t tell anyone but it’s just a buzzword..) Did Web2.0 overwhelm you? Still feel like maybe you aren’t sure what Web2.0 is? Get ahead of the game for the next round! Web3.0 is here!

Web 3.0? Still not sure what Web 2.0 is? In short, Web 3.0 is the opposite of Web 2.0. This web site is devoted to explaining what exactly Web 3.0 is and how it will ultimately change humanity. [Source]

Eh? Clear as mud?

2 thoughts on “Are you Web 2.0? Get with the times!

  1. So it is Web 3.0 because uh… they say so?

    And the Official Browser is Lynx?

    The only thing that could be sadder, is if this isn’t a joke.

  2. I found it humorous.

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