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My Dad Versus Your Dad

Update: Apparently is suffering the Digg effect. Hopefully this image will return soon in the meantime I’ll mirror it with a local copy.
Modern Bully

3 thoughts on “My Dad Versus Your Dad

  1. I know this is just humor to most of us and it should be, but, be the
    kid in school who saw his dad get his face punched till he was out
    cold and you won’t think it is! I had the rather unfortunate experience
    of watching helplessly as my own Father was punched out cold in
    front of me! I didn’t think “real” grown-ups acted this way! My Dad
    simply confronted a bully’s Dad for picking on my Sister and the guy
    sucker punched Him right on his chin! Dad lost his balance, the guy
    grabbed him and finished him off! Not much more to it! My Dad was
    taken to the hospital and checked out and and released……after
    he came to that is! Not to funny!

  2. Unfortunately, most humor is based on truth so there are cases like this one where someone might be hurt or offended or too connected to the subject matter. I bet even the master Bill Cosby offends some people. But far better to take the risk of creating smiles than to live in a overly sanitized politically correct world.

    Sorry to hear about your dad. Karma will get the other guy.

  3. Hey djuggler, Thanks for commenting back, sometimes for me, it
    helps to get it off my chest by talking about it. By the way i’m not
    at all offended, it is just a bad memory for me thats all. Love the cartoon
    though, it is funny! Thanks for saying sorry, my Dad healed up just
    fine but his face hurt him for a few weeks. Karma? My uncle (dad’s
    brother) took care of that guy’s sorry ass a few days later! I don’t
    think he’ll hit anyone else any time soon!

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