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I-3 is about Oak Ridge!

From the minute I learned about the proposed Interstate 3, I said, "read between the lines, and this road is about moving depleted uranium to port." Obviously this is evident to other was well. See the Stop I-3 Coalition letter of January 12, 2007.

Our interest in nuclear matters stems from the fact that the proposed highway would connect the Y-12 Plant at Oak Ridge with the Savannah River Site in the Augusta area and the Port of Savannah. We have noted with concern that the I-3 proposal coincides with a considerable effort on the part of the government and a number of utility companies to increase nuclear weapons programs and nuclear power activities, including waste reprocessing, and the concentration of these activities in the Southeast. We are convinced that should I-3 ever be built it would become a convenient route for the traffic in radioactive materials which would arise from Complex 2030 and the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, as well as expected routing of nuclear wastes and plutonium through the area. [Source]

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