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Snow and Ice Coming!

The wife implied that if we get snowed in we might get to do something adult! I dust off the supplies to find we have two winter coats. Woot! We are prepared to be snowed in for weeks!

So I thought I would peruse the Intertubes and brush up on my etiquette. Hmm. Apparently I’m not doing so well missing 3 out of 4 of The Big Don’ts for iced in and trying to stay warm exercises. Let’s examine.
Number One Don’t

Jump immediately up and run to the bathroom

Has someone been spying on us?
Number Two Don’t

Turn to one side of the bed and immediately sleep

That directly conflicts with The Man Manual!
Number Three Don’t

Make any sarcastic or joking remarks about the previous moments

Not fair! Natural noises, cramps, children’s footsteps on the stairs, curious pets, and light sleeping babies can turn what should be a feature length drama/action adventure with great special effects into a high speed, 3 minute YouTube comedy. How could one not joke?
Number Four Don’t

Check your mobile phone for messages or missed calls

Not a problem there. We just take the calls and keep going! Let your imagination wander next time we talk…

2 thoughts on “Snow and Ice Coming!

  1. I neither run to the bathroom, nor fall asleep. I absorb all of your energy and bounce off the walls.

  2. […] Alright East TN weather forecasters, I’ll give you one more chance. You say it’s going to snow and ice, so I’ll run buy milk and bread (or whatever). But, this is your very last chance. If I don’t see some winter weather, I’m going to stop reading, watching or believing local weather ‘experts’. 2 Comments so far […]

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