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At 10 there simply is no brain function

Evan has an ear infection and sinus infection. He is taking antibiotics but a comedy of errors has left him without a decongestant so green slugs continue to pour from his nose.

No school tomorrow so Noah has a friend over. The boys have graciously allowed Evan and Amy to play in their room and it was so nice to hear raucous laughter from all 4 children. Until! I hear the laughing words, "He’s gonna lick it!" I bolt to the room to see a huge slug stretching from nostril to lip. I race to get tissue to nose but before I can reach him the boys have their victory and more. Not only has Evan tasted the horrid slime but he has spread it to his hands looking like something from You Can’t Do That On Television! And they cackle.

These guys are going to make great frat brothers.

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