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Self-doubt – killer of good times

Am I ever having some serious self-doubt over agreeing to take Noah on the Okefenokee trip! Yes, money is a recurring issue in my head but when I think about it rationally that is just an excuse for me to bail. The real reasons are my work schedule (can I have my deadlines met before the trip?), some separation anxiety (am I being fair to Cathy?), fairness to the rest of the family (shouldn’t this money be put in a savings account to go toward a family Disney trip?), and are we properly equipped for such a trip. This seems like a wonderful and rare opportunity for Noah. I know I will return refreshed and chilled (these trips are like tranquilizers for me). I usually follow my gut and my gut seems to be telling me, "don’t go." Of course, other signs do point to going. When I went to ask if they still had adult and child openings (this trip is limited to 20 scouts and 5 adults), I was told, "someone confirmed you and Noah in an email."

2 thoughts on “Self-doubt – killer of good times

  1. You should go. Serious father/son bonding time is rare, and will get rarer as he gets older. Oh man, go.

  2. It’s spring break. We’ll be just fine here. You, on the other hand, will spend every moment until you get there playing the woulda-coulda-shoulda game of self abuse.

    If you want to worry about me, worry about how I’ll get through cookie booths this weekend and next without your help and with only one car.

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