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Can’t be fair to everyone in a large family

Noah has an opportunity to camp out in the Okefenokee for 5 days and 4 nights. The estimated cost doubled on me last night. I have concerns about the trip including:

  1. Can I actually take 5 days off?
  2. Shouldn’t that money go elsewhere?
  3. My wife said that I was to make the decision and when I said, "we are going" she replied, "whatever" which in wife-speak means "wrong answer dumbass."
  4. Are we properly equipped for this kind of trip?
  5. If we pass, are we giving up a once in a lifetime opportunity (apparently this is a hard trip to book)?
  6. Can Noah handle this trip?
  7. Childcare during Cathy’s meetings and events

I feel like my gut is saying not to do this trip but I also think I am misreading my reasons for saying no. I have to decide today.

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  1. Ahh, wife speak. Gotta love it.

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