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Sunk and drowning

So I am scuba diving and I am deep. Real deep! There is a mermaid swimming beside me. Her name is Cathy and she is drop dead gorgeous! Her red hair floats around that beautiful face with such fair skin and seductive eyes. Her perfect breasts[NSFW] accentuate the elegant curves of her waist and hips. She twirls showing off her tail which ends at a wonder set of buttocks. She takes my breath away! Oh no! I am out of air. I look down and see the enormous treasure I sought. I could grab it but I may never reach the surface! I hear Cathy sing. She wants me to stay with her. Another diver collecting water samples offers to let me help him in his research; in exchange, he will give me air but I cannot have my treasure, it will be an eternity before we surface, and I must be apart from Cathy.

My new favorite movie quote: "I think I’m in a tragedy!"

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