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LOST Review

Oh that was good! They got me! You know. One question I find myself asking: Setting aside Ben’s mind games and apparent evil nature, have The Other’s (I don’t count Patchy) done anything terrible that wasn’t directly a result of an action of an Ocean Flight 815 survivor?

5 thoughts on “LOST Review

  1. Ethan hung Charlie, when Charlie was only trying to rescue Claire. And there’s that, too, kidnapping Claire in the first place.

    And Mr. Friendly and his boys kidnapped Walt and shot Sawyer…

    Is that what you’re talking about?

  2. The whole tailie saga was the others being bad guys.

    OK, at 10:45 I was loving it, and at 11:02 last night I was hating the show.
    Who’s in the casket, and why is Jack’s dad still alive?

  3. Could Lock be int the casket? Trying to think of people who wouldn’t have anyone show up for their funeral since Lock has been pretty wierd of late. But the ending of last night’s episode makes you think for some of them — the island is better life. But that may only be about Jack and Lock.

    Interesting catch about Jack’s dad. He did say that he the “present” tense.

  4. Doug,

    I have been trying to find out when Lost premieres next week. We haven’t seen one promo for it. Any ideas?

  5. Hello Pamela! Season 4 will begin in February 2008 and run 16 episodes without a repeat.

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