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What do you dream?

Last night I dreamt that I solved a mathematical proof that no one else had ever done. I was in a debate with colleagues over how the equation would graph and in the dream I held a piece of graph paper where we had begun our chart of the data. It was evident that the equation would graphic either into a logarithmic curve or an endless spiral.

In another dream, I had gone back to school and was living in a single dorm room in Greeve Hall, an all boys dorm on the UT campus, but in the dream it was located on the same side of the street as Clement Hall. One part of the dream had something to do with playing cards. Another part had to do with my friend Vania making a huge cry for attention by climbing to an unsafe height and announcing to the corridor that he had a plan. The head resident, a woman, disgusted with me how she felt he was making an huge cry for attention. The dream had great detail from the cherry hand rails to the elaborate paneling on the walls and a jaunt outside revealed a store on the first floor with a variety of vividly colored items inside.

The second dream did not top the proof dream. I woke almost able to write out the formula.

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