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Coal State Representative Wants to Outlaw Wind Turbines

West Virginia Rep Nick Rahall wants to outlaw future construction of wind turbines for generating clean electricity and phase out existing turbines in the name of saving birds and bats.

We are certain that the fact that West Virginia is a major coal producing state has nothing to do with this, wind turbines would be effective clean producers of power even on West Virginia’s mountaintops, if there were any left. ::Yahoo [Source]

Watch THOMAS at the Library of Congress to see if this tries to become a bill. Remember, it is easy to contact your representative!

3 thoughts on “Coal State Representative Wants to Outlaw Wind Turbines

  1. Just thought you might be interested in this front page story from our paper today:

    1st person in Las Cruces to install a personal turbine on his property.

  2. That’s awesome!

    Makezine issue 5 got me going on the desire to build my own wind powered generator. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a discarded treadmill since then. see also this generator which keeps an off the grid home powered.

    I hope one day soon to install one just above the top of our tallest tree.

  3. I wonder if we’ll ever know the extent that folks in (whatever) energy industry have blocked new technologies.

    Wind turbines make sense, and one of the biggest objections I’ve seen is “they’re ugly”. Like telephone poles and interstate highways are pretty? Since when has that mattered?

    I’d love to live off the grid but my wife and kids aren’t exactly going along with that plan.

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