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And let the world spin

I need to be working but can’t get to my computer. Instead I build up my stress. By the time, I get to my computer my anxiety will be so high that I will be completely dysfunctional. My sinuses are broken today. Apparently my nose thinks it is a water faucet. I run to the bathroom ever couple of minutes to blow my nose. Between blows the pressure under my eyes builds up to feel like I have been smacked in the face. I could take a decongestant but then I’d sleep the day away.Couple all of this with the dizzy. Yes, the dizzy spells are trying to rear their heads again. Philip has the mola mola; I’ve got a tornado in my head. I think both conditions are stress related.

My family wants to be swimming at the pool today at 2pm. I bet that would dry up my sinuses! I could use some exercise and some sun. I won’t be there. I want to be painting the bedroom walls. I want to be blogging about last night’s Blogfest. I want to be juggling. I want to be finishing my projects. I want to know how I will feed my family next week. I want to be playing with my children. I want to build them a club house, a tree fort and a zip line in the back yard. I want my head to be clear.

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