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Turn Your TV Into Art

Jon has been talking about turning off the television and it is always a hot topic at BloggingBaby (see also Hottest TV Dads and Who Should Control Your TV?). I personally see the tv as a double-edged sword. I love the educational value. I have seen Amy and Evan learn concepts, songs, and words from the television. It is good. We have used it as a babysitter (good and bad). We have used it as an excuse to not play with our children or have dinner at the dinner table (both BAD!). I am often frustrated with the television and, having lived without one for a year, I recognize the benefits that could be reaped by turning the television off for a length of time. Perhaps in the summer tvs should be shut off and computers should be removed from bedrooms.

Or, we could turn our television into art! Click the picture below to see how.

Abstractor can instantly tansform any television into a beautiful piece of art. Watch and find out how to make your own. Visit

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