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And then there was Blogfest!

They gathered, and there was much posting!

Cathy felt I needed an opportunity to socialize with other bloggers without chasing Evan around.

He chatted with strangers trying to enjoy their meal with the exception of the older gentleman and his daughter co-worker date escort hooker which is regretful because that could have been a fun conversation, “pardon my son for interrupting your, uh, uh, thang. So, do you measure those heals with a yard stick?” [Source]

Tommy Shoots Pool

Tommy decided to join me on the promise that he would get to play some pool. The downside of letting me go by myself was that Cathy was not around to keep me in line..ahem!..Sorry about the shiny head jokes guys. It just came to me in a flash. This blogfest promised to be interesting as I really could put name to face and I would be able to talk without that "where’s the toddler" twitch. Rich assures me that Evan is great at the events and that I need to worry about him less. The first Blogfest we attended has a sense of apprehension to it. I mean, we all knew other and simultaneously knew nothing of each other.

we all read each other so…is there really anything to talk about? "Um..Post #1345." "Ha! That was great. I responded in comment #12768." "Read it! Excellent retort! Did you catch the Youtube video on that?" "Covered it in post #4491." Silence. "Check please." [Source]

The second Blogfest was more natural but faces and names were still coming together.

When people from the online world meet for the first time, the experience is unnerving, fascinating, and enlightening for these online people have shared stories and know of each other intimately but are always surprised to find that often the person they "know" online is not the same as the person in real life. [Source]

LesMichael and MckinleyTish and MarkLissa KayRich and Paul

The attendees at this third Blogfest were Mushy’s Moochings (who’s review has much clearer pictures than my cell phone pictures above), Shots Across the Bow, LissaKay (she impressed me with her semantics), The Kat House (also great pictures in her review), Blogitude (another great picture..beginning to think the camera phone isn’t sufficient!), No Silence Here with Knoxville’s youngest blogger – Mckinley, Les Jones, and Tommy (picture above at the pool table).

Rich Lissa LesRich Lissa Les

The turnout was a little smaller than previous events. I hope that is because of the summer and not partisan politics, or a mistaken thought that we like each other better in print than in person. The event really was fun! Several of the bloggers even tracked down one missing blogger (Barry of Inn of the Last Home) to hear him play at the Eagle’s Lodge. Unfortunately, I had kept Tommy from World of Warcraft too long and had to skip the Eagle’s Lodge to treat his withdrawal symptoms. See you guys next time!

Side note, we did have a couple of baseball players try to join our conversation ala Jon Stewart’s giant head of Brian Williams but we mostly ignored them.

10 thoughts on “And then there was Blogfest!

  1. Well, I finally figured out which blog I should promote in my post and corrected it. To be honest I could not figure out the letter after “m” on the back of the card you wrote. It all makes sense now and “reality” set in after reading Mark’s post.

    Sorry man…I kept trying letters but for some reason I never used E…what a dummy!

    Thanks for the advice and “blueprints” you gave me. I’m seriously considering changing over…BUT, I need to use up my “blogness cards” first!

    Looking forward to the next meet!

    Oh yeah…if your going to post mug shots of Mushy…you must get a better camera!

  2. Great review, Doug! It was nice meeting you. Hope to see you again soon! And maybe this time you’ll bring Cathy too. 🙂

  3. Yes, my handwriting leaves little to be desired 🙂 The domain used to be a subdomain of (a site I intend to develop on eon). So for the longest time I went against my own advice (hosting on then still not heeding my own advice I changed to (avoid subdomains! They have a purpose but should not be the primary site). Finally, I bit the bullet and bought (a squatter has the .com).

    As for the cards, remember, just because you get doesn’t mean that has to ever go away. You can find my old blogger postings at I simply have a post that tells people where my new page is. Of course, you can get fancier and have automatically redirect to and the business cards retain their life. Cool cards btw!

  4. Thanks Tish! You can bet the rest of the crew will show at a future event.

  5. O.K. I feel guilty for not making an effort to go and interact with the blogging community. You see, I know when I attend a political event that I will be accepted and if I am not well who the heck cares.

    I haven’t exactly accepted the who the heck cares in regard to the blogosphere. You and Cathy turned out o.k. so maybe I will venture out of my comfort zone at some point.

  6. Yeah, I guess I feel a little guilty for going too, but I was _____________ (insert excuse here)
    Next time?
    See, I dunno about the whole faces to blogs thing. Maybe I’m just new fashioned or something, but I like the impression I have of a lot of these people, and I don’t like necessarilly changing it just because I met them in the flesh.
    Guess that speaks volumes…

    And I’ve been drinking…

  7. Brian, I think you’d enjoy a Blogfest very much. The conversations don’t stray into our blog topics and views much. We more so talk about the art of blogging and avoid politics and other touchy subjects so that we can just have a good time and get know each other on a personal level that cannot be represented in the blogs.

  8. Good to see you again, Doug … hopefully you both can come next time.

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