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Video Blogging and Video Commenting

Phillip has gotten all modern on us and posted a video which encourages video comments. Can anyone figure out why Phillip’s female readership is HUGE? My comment is below:

I will extend the same offer as The Blue Sloth. If you submit a video comment, I’ll get it onto this post somehow. You will need to record your video below then cut and paste the code into the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Video Blogging and Video Commenting

  1. Are you pouting because I called Phillip a hottie?

  2. Wait, when did you call me a hottie? All I get are the complaints, I miss all the compliments . . .

    Doug, what’s the name of the twitter widget you’re using in your sidebar?

  3. Doug: “Most of Phillip’s readers are female.”
    Cathy: “That’s because he’s a hottie with lots of beach pictures.”

  4. It’s the “Friend’s Timeline” at the bottom of the Twitter Badges page. Log into Twitter. Go to and look all the way at the bottom.

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