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Insight #8 Into Understanding Women comes from Knoxville!

Guys spend an enormous amount of time trying to understand women. At some point, you get married and have that ah-ha moment when you realize that really it is impossible to understand women and all those years you wasted trying to understand women you could have been watching football. It is at that moment in time that the man generally quits talking to his wife. It isn’t that he has gained wisdom and come to terms that life will be much happier if you just listen to your woman and respond only with "yes dear" to everything that she says. That’s just a fortunate side effect. He is stunned and depressed into silence over the coming to terms with the quantity of football that was missed during his hapless pursuit.

18 Insights into Understanding Women – What they Say When We’re Not Around (worksafe but some adult themes in the insights).

  1. Insight 1: Regardless of how true something may be, they will still be shocked and appalled at us for thinking it.
  2. Insight 2: Women may claim to love a guy with a sense of humor, but a huge bank account is still the biggest aphrodisiac. [Overheard in the Union Square Cafe, NYC]
  3. Insight 3: Role models are important. Ours are athletes, successful businessmen and action heroes. Theirs are just different. [From]
  4. Insight 4: Women have very clearly defined goals. [Overheard at University of Texas, Austin]
  5. Insight 5: Problems aren’t problems as long as you are having a great hair day. [From]
  6. Insight 6: If they don’t look good, personality helps. [Overheard at the Virgin store, NYC]
  7. Insight 7: And it doesn’t matter what women do, as long as they’re being classy while doing it. [Overheard at Kransky’s Bar, St. James, New York]
  8. Insight 8: Women have a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything. [Overheard at the Backroom Tavern, Knoxville, Tennessee]
  9. Insight 9: They will always be completely honest and forthright with you. When the timing is right. [Overheard at the Virgin Festival, Vancouver, Canada]
  10. Insight 10: Unlike us lazy guys, women can always find something productive to do with their time. [Overheard in a bar, Newcastle, Oklahoma]
  11. Insight 11: Guys tend to waste time with nonsense activities. Women have their priorities straight. And much more interesting hobbies. [Overheard at 330 South 3rd Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota]
  12. Insight 12: We can be so insensitive to their needs sometimes. [Overheard on the D train, NYC]
  13. Insight 13: Your grandmother was right… you can meet good girls in church. [Overheard at the New York Public Library, 40th & 5th]
  14. Insight 14: Family is really what’s most important to them. [Overheard at 630 East Lake, Chicago, Illinois]
  15. Insight 15: Some things are passed down from their mothers from birth. [Overheard outside a Payless Shoe Store, Astoria, NY]
  16. Insight 16: Women get upset at the littlest things. [Overheard at Camp, Cobble Hill]
  17. Insight 17: Everything is ok, as long as she apologizes. [Overheard at Denny’s, Novi, Michigan]
  18. Insight 18: Rationalization is a woman’s best friend. [Overheard on a Metro-North train in NY]


You must follow the link and read the examples to truly comprehend the insights! You did catch that Insight 8 came from Knoxville right? Coincidentally, it is also the only insight to use the word penis.

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