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I feel like a subject in some psychology experiment. "Let’s see what happens when we make his major project over its deadline, then turn the temperature inside the house to 100°F, and take away all his money (ie. Welcome back to school)."

Today the outside will reach 95°F. Sounds better in Celsius because it’s only 35°C. The inside will either reach equilibrium at 95°F or go 5 to 10 degrees higher. The AC guy is supposed to be here with an estimate this morning and then I’ll run it to the insurance company who is supposed to write me a check on the spot which I will turn around and give to the AC guy who will then purchase the unit and schedule a time to install it provided I have cleaned out the garage enough for him to be able to do his job.

So today I have to make sure that the client on the overrun project has accepted the work or is requesting any bug fixes/last minute changes. I have to make sure that the client who’s project has a late start due to the overrun project has not given the work to another developer. I have to make sure that another client’s designer has made the necessary changes to wrap up that project. I have to create documentation and a plan of completion for another project. I have to talk to another client about scheduling their work. I have to get caught up on my own paperwork including balancing the books. I have to clean the garage. Want to make a jig to finish the repair on the Jeep (and get the battery charged or replaced). Get Noah to karate. Cook dinner. Get Noah to scouts. And do something with my evening.

Update: Newscoma, the famous Newscoma, explains ISDHIGM Disease.

Update: Oh Hell.

A heat wave will grip the Tennessee Valley this week, with temperatures climbing into the mid-90s and heat index rising between 100 and 105 degrees.

The National Weather Service issued a special statement this morning, urging caution when outdoors.

3 thoughts on “ISDHIGM Disease

  1. I hope there’s a break in the heat by this weekend! When I moved last year, it was in the upper 80s and miserable. Maybe we should do this at night? It’s a thought …

  2. It’s no better at night except that the fan blowing across your sweat actual gives you enough of a chill to pull the blanket over yourself. It’s like sleeping with a fever.

  3. This is of the yuck.
    Man, you, Cathy and the crew can come stay at my house but, you know, I’m like six hours away.
    There is nothing more miserable. Went through this two years ago and lost some brain waves for about a month.

    Sending good thoughts.

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