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Today’s Word

This post dedicated to the Blue Sloth in reference to this Tweet.

A traditional German stew made from marinated rabbit. It derives its name from German Hase (technically ‘hare’ but often used for ‘rabbit’) and Pfeffer (‘pepper’). Wine or vinegar is also a prominent ingredient, to lend a sourness to the recipe.

In American culture, the word "hasenpfeffer" is known primarily from the theme song to the television series Laverne & Shirley ("One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Schlemiel! Schlemazl! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!"). In a popular Bugs Bunny cartoon, Shishkabugs (1962), a Charles Laughton-like king orders his cook (Yosemite Sam) to bring him the aforementioned dish, resulting in difficulty for Bugs.

The word is the namesake of the card game Pepper. It is also mentioned in the song "Don’t Be the Bunny" (sung by Mr. Cladwell and the UGC Staff) from the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical comedy, Urinetown, and is one of William Barfee’s words in the musical comedy The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Word

  1. I’m touched.

    However I will not be eating this rabbit. This rabbit is going to talk to me – ah yes, most of the inanimate objects in my life do talk, but this one should be able read me RSS feeds, tell me the weather, the traffic, and have his own personality. In fact, you may be able to talk to me through this rabbit.

    He’s a nabaztag/tag (link)

  2. That’s terribly cool!

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