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The Regal Riviera Opens – then closes…

I had the pleasure of being invited to join Michael Messing as walk around entertainment for the Regal Riviera’s Open Ceremonies. I am pictured at Knoxnews. Saul Young is a fun photographer! (Note to Scripps: I would have bought the picture to use in this post but you don’t offer a digital purchase option). The event was divided into a public area and a VIP area. Unfortunately, the crowd in the public area was sparse and seemed to consist mainly of people who were "just walking by" so my juggling was concentrated in the VIP area. When the news crews started filming I was holding some very heavy juggling balls so I found myself doing endurance juggling. I faired well but dropped on camera (that always bugs me). Trying to juggle 3 pounds for more than 3 minutes straight without dropping for an out of shape, out of practice juggler is a feat unto itself! As the evening started to close, the crowd and turned sparse enough that I felt good about pulling out the torches. The Knoxville Police Department took a special interesting in this fiery activity. Maybe it had something to do with the original Riviera burning down in 1963.

The power went out shortly after the movies began but unlike certain conjecture, the juggler had already left the scene. The power returned a couple of hours later. Some discussion.

I like the look of the theatre both inside and out. The sign does not look cheap or cheesy. Looking south on Gay Street makes a pretty picture with the Tennessee Theater and the Bijou. The inside looks like a Regal theatre; nothing more, nothing less. As a college student, I recall having to take the bus to the 4 screen theatre which is now a furniture store beside Stephens Audio on Kingston Pike. That was an embarrassing way to have a date. Hopefully UT students will help make this theatre viable because I have my doubts about the downtown populace being enough to support it. Personally, I would like to see downtown a vibrant area for all kinds of theatre. ( and yes, I spell it theatre on purpose )

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  1. Good to see you out on the streets… (does that sound right?)

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