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MyQuire only wants links to the front page

If you sign up for MyQuire and actually read the Terms of Service, you might notice the section forbidding "deep linking." This means they only want you linking to the top level of the website, like rather than directly to functionality or articles like I am sure their intent here is to prevent people from using MyQuire functionality within their own domain but it is phrased such that if MyQuire has a discussion forum, you will be in violation of the terms of service if you link to a forum discussion.

4 thoughts on “MyQuire only wants links to the front page

  1. Intentions being whatever they are, I would agree with you that deep linking is often necessary when working together on a project. Especially when the website being used as reference material contains thousands of pages.

  2. I ran out of time writing that because I had to get the children off to school. I wanted to go on further to explain the importance of deep linking to the functionality of the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web (not the Internet) was created to share information via hyperlinks and makes no distinctly between types of links. In my opinion, deep linking is what makes the World Wide Web so valuable to our lives today. Image how frustrating searching for information would be if it was a two step process: 1) Use Google to find the website with the information 2) from that website’s front page, sign up as a member, then search for the information and hope to find it.

  3. Yes, kids have a way of interrupting much more in life than just blog postings. 🙂

    Your comment reminds me of another interesting question: In Google’s Webmaster tools, they suggest not using long urls that have been generated by dynamic content management systems. This reduces the amount of highly valuable (deep link) content that is being indexed by Google. Of course we all had to adjust once we figured this out, but I sometimes wonder how big the Web would be if it were all able to be indexed.

  4. Ah! Whichever one of us makes THAT search engine is going to be very, very rich! I can’t find it in my bookmarks right now (there’s irony) but I know of at least one search engine that claims to have such deep searching abilities. Your query can take hours to return.

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