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I want Problogger to give STAR $1000

Darren Rowse of Problogger fame and Lara Kulpa are busy giving away $54,000 for the Problogger Birthday Bash. FreeMoneyFinanace.Com has agreed to help them by giving $1000 to the favorite (US tax deductible) charity of a person who blogs about it and has their post linked by from Problogger by 9am Sunday Oct 7, 2007 (50 minutes from now).

I would like Problogger and to give $1000 to Shangri-la Therapeutic Academy of Riding (STAR). $1000 will cover more than half the cost of a class of 4 riders for 1 session.

STAR’s mission is to foster personal growth and achievement by providing educational, recreational, and physically challenging therapeutic experiences using horse related activities for persons with disabilities.

Our oldest son, Tommy, has Asperger’s Syndrome. We blog about it at Asperger Teen. Tommy has lived a life of being told "never." He did not speak until about age 3. At age 6, we were told he would never read. At age 10, we were told he will never function in society and to lock him away in a home. The nevers go on. Tommy has surprised the world today is a well-rounded, good natured, polite 17 year old. If I never announced his Asperger’s, no one would ever guess. He has succeeded were many expected him to fail. We have STAR to thank in part for that.

Tommy rode with confidence!Tommy’s success comes from the incredible support system that surrounds him. Shangri-la Therapeutic Academy of Riding is an important part of this support system. STAR has nurtured his love of animals, given Tommy confidence, and really helped his social skills. Tommy is now hoping to go to college to study in vet school!

As an independent consultant, I have broken many of the rules required for success. As such, we live with constant cash flow problems. Without STAR’s Rider Sponsorship Program we would not be able to participate. Whenever possible, I try to encourage donations to STAR because I believe in the program and by encouraging donations I feel I have giving back where they have helped me. I do not have the means to give directly. Whenever possible, I give my time to help STAR through efforts like our Blogathon blog. I have seen many more than just my son touched by their love. It is difficult to drive through Knoxville and not see a license plate with a reference to STAR or see someone wearing a STAR t-shirt. Their success and growth can only continue through the generous donations by people like Darren Rowse, Lara Kulpa, and FreeMoneyFinanace.Com.

Please consider STAR for the $1000 charity giveaway. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “I want Problogger to give STAR $1000

  1. What a beautiful post, and a great cause!
    Thank you for letting the world know about it in this way.
    Best of luck in the draw!

  2. Thank you Lara! It is fortunate for Darren and you that you are drawing this one randomly. I have just read every post under the $1000 charity giveaway comments and most of them are very moving! If you had to pick this one based on content, I am not sure how you would choose a winner.

  3. I agree, Doug – I’ve been poking through them myself over the last day and I’m in amazement… it’s definitely a good thing that we’re going random, because I know that I couldn’t possibly choose one over the other!

  4. Thanks so much for your post. And reminder how fortunate we are to have people like Tommy in our lives to remind us all that live is a playground that only has borders that you yourself impose, or allow others to impose on you. Tommy is a mirror to remind everyone that they can succeed and be ANYTHING, and inspire others to be the best people they can be.
    with your permission I am putting a link to your article in my next monthly newsletter.
    Many happy blessings to you and your family.


  5. Thank you Tamra! Feel free to link and/or use the article in your newsletter.

  6. I second the comments above — what a great cause. Sorry you didn’t win, but keep your eyes out as I’m thinking of doing something like this again on my own blog.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up FMF! I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

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