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Juggling Urges

I have taken to practicing juggling in the carpool line. My 5 ball juggling has really started to clean up and today I started trying to work a couple of behind the back throws into the 5 ball routine. I’ll practice many things in the carpool line. I haven’t done anythings scary yet but still the mothers in the carpool will get out of their cars and chat with one another all while avoiding me. So yes, sometimes I do get the urge to juggle machetes.

Thanks Willful!

1 thought on “Juggling Urges

  1. I think that either the Devil Sticks or the Flaming Torches would be a little more attention-grabbing. But then, depending on exactly what sort of *urges* you are getting, you could just play with your balls … the glass ones, that is. đŸ˜€

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