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Today’s USA Today Ad

America is not made safer by making the Constitution weaker. I want to print several of these and put them all over town!

5 thoughts on “Today’s USA Today Ad

  1. I’m not saying it is, and I’m not saying it isn’t, but how do you know for sure?

    I’m just saying that seems to be as big a mantra as many others, and I wonder how many people have really thought through what that means.

    I also wonder how many have actually independently come to the conclusion that what has happened so far is truly “made the Constitution weaker” and not “evolved the Constitution to deal with today’s realities”.

    A lot of people have trouble with Biblical evolution (how’s that for a loaded term?) – i.e. re-interpreting the Bible to fit with what’s perceived as “modern” views or “modern” morals. A lot see that as moral relativism, redefining our society’s and religion’s morals to fit our own selfish needs. I can see that to a certain extent, and for some the Bible is not a document you can do that too easily.

    But I think some people treat the Constitution as a document just as sacred and morally absolute as The Bible. For believers, the Bible was inspired directly by the hand of God – written by men, yes, and will certain fallibilities and customs of times gone by, yes – but to put the Constitution on the same infallibility, sacrosanct, unchanging, unalterable level on the Bible is fallacy. The Constitution was written by men – good men, smart men, wise men, but men. And it is a document that was very relevant for its time, but should be a living, breathing blueprint to how to run our country.

    In the 18th century, nobody on Earth had the ability to destroy it, or at least kill all life on it. Many, many people do now. That in and of itself is reason enough to me to look at altering how it’s structured.

    We are no less free – only less rigid. That’s what it seems to me.

  2. That’s a strong comment and an excellent correlation. This is going to require pondering.

  3. Barry, wow!.
    I have to say I have to think about this.
    And, Doug, I have to think about this.

    I love a good dialogue.

  4. Doug and Newscoma – any new thoughts about this? Just curious about some followup…

  5. Life got in the way. Haven’t had much time to think about anything. I do want to follow-up on this one.

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