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To remove any doubt, WMDs evidence was a lie

In case there is still any doubt, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi has admitted to lying about Iraqs weapons of mass destruction. As I read this and watch the video, as an American citizen I feel heavy in my chest; despite my protests at the time, I feel guilty.

The defector who convinced the White House that Iraq had a secret biological weapons programme has admitted for the first time that he lied about his story, then watched in shock as it was used to justify the war.

[Source, , Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war]

You should watch the video.

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Thank you for throwing your shoe site

Although it has scrolled from the page, I have continued to update the Iraqi Reporter Throws Reddit Alien at Bush post with related shoe throwing news. Today I added a link to a new website called which is a gallery of images from people holding up their shoe for Muntadar al-Zeidi. I have to agree with this statement from the website:

We don’t condone shoe throwing, but we prefer it to war.

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Iraqi Reporter Throws Reddit Alien at Bush

Bush sober enough to dodge it.

Iraqis rally for Bush shoe attacker.

Update: The shoe thrower has been beaten while in custody.
Update: Shoe thrower faces up to 7 years.
Update: Egyptian offers 20 year old daughter in marriage to shoe thrower.
Update: Shoe-thrower sorry for ‘ugly act’
Update: Thank you for throwing your shoe.
Update: December 31 trial date for shoe-hurling Iraqi reporter aka he had expected to be shot after hurling his first shoe.

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Signup for the No-Fly List

Today is the deadline to sign the Kucinich petition to impeach GW Bush based on these articles.

Other than impeachment, censure is an option. Of course, with so little time left in the GW Presidency, what’s the point? Perhaps it prevents him from declaring martial law and stopping the elections in November? See President GW Bush 2004-indefinitely.

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President GW Bush 2004-indefinitely

You know…if we were in World War III I wonder if we would have an election in 2008…

WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 — President Bush warned today that Iran would be raising the risk of a “World War III” if it came to possess nuclear weapons. [Source, The New York Times]

Does the United States have a prime minister?

…Mr. Putin made clear that he might seek to become prime minister of Russia when he steps down as president — an approach that Mr. Bush wryly said he might want to emulate. [Source, The New York Times]

Narration: [audio:]

Update: Tim Grieve of Salon has the quote as:

Reporter: Mr. President, following up on Vladimir Putin for a moment, he said recently that next year, when he has to step down according to the constitution, as the president, he may become prime minister; in effect keeping power and dashing any hopes for a genuine democratic transition there …

Bush: I’ve been planning that myself.
[Source, Salon, It was a joke (we think)]

Threat Level isn’t concerned but put in a freedom of information request anyway.

On Nov 3, 2004, I suggested GW would take the 2008 election.

Update narration (with apologies for the poor read-done in tired haste, bad impersonations, and my sound effects didn’t work): [audio:]