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A Powerful Desire to Post

Blogging is addictive. It feels good to let my thoughts flow through the keyboard to the web. I think some people find it shocking that so many people willingly give up their "privacy" but that is a lack of understanding or rather a different paradigm of privacy. Despite the candor with which I seem to spill every moment of my life, the truth of the matter is the readers of Reality Me see but a glimpse, a keyhole peek, into the complex adventure of my family. I often wish I could spill more. Sometimes I am amazed at the luck, the good fortune that befalls us to let us carry on the way we live our lives. We walk a tightrope and I know one day we will slip but I think we will recover. The details of our high wire act I cannot share at this time. It just wouldn’t be appropriate. I know you shouldn’t air your dirty laundry but you do welcome your neighbors into your house even if the kitchen sink is a mess. Come into my house, sit in my parlor, and hear my tales. And eventually, perhaps I’ll tell the whole convoluted story.

2 thoughts on “A Powerful Desire to Post

  1. Hey Doug!
    I 100% understand the burning urge to get everything down and out. Some of the things that happen in my life and in my family life as well make it to ‘draft’, but after thinking over it, sometimes seem a little TMI to be plastered out for everybody and their brother to see.

    I wouldn’t want anybody to know just how warped we really are.

  2. Warped isn’t bad 🙂

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