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Should my feelings be hurt?

Should I celebrate my son’s confidence in himself or should my feelings be hurt? Every time a Boy Scout outing comes around, I ask my son, "do you want me to go on the outing?" You know.. maybe having dad around is uncool then again maybe having dad around is fun. His response? Flatly, "I don’t care." And he really means it. I’ve read about helicopter parenting and I don’t be that. I know as parent you can’t be the best friend either but I’d like us to have fun together. Don’t get me wrong, I think we have good times. I get excited about spending time with my children. I just wish they’d share some of the enthusiasm.

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  1. Don’t take it too personally, it probably was just a gut reaction comment and no real thought when into it.

    As a teen I went through a phase of “i don’t care” and after giving that answer too many time to my parents they just stopped asking me things, but I soon realised how lonely it gets when no-one asks you things that involve you and how much of a pain it is when they make choices for you jsut because you couldn’t be arsed to respond properly.

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