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We won’t have a tree for Christmas

Someone should make rubber ornaments. Evan is going to have far too much fun smashing ornaments this year. We should be using popcorn, wooden blocks, and plastic disposable decorations.

8 thoughts on “We won’t have a tree for Christmas

  1. Seriously, you should! Get unbreakable ornaments, I mean. I have never cared for the round glass thingies. Boring! My mom started the tradition of using craft show ornaments instead of glass ones when we had a German Shepard who’s tail regularly cleared tables of all items … and Christmas trees of ornaments. I continued this myself, and it proved quite practical in a house filled with three rambunctious youngins, 2 – 4 psychotics cats, and various tail-wagging dogs. I still decorate my tree that way … lookie here

    Far less stress, more fun and a much more interesting tree, I think!

  2. My kitty ensures that if it’s breakable, it will come off the tree in about a billion and a half pieces on the floor. I have now switched to sexy wooden ornaments and it has proven fool- at least for ornaments sake. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the tree upright when she decides to climb that bad-boy.

  3. I’m thinking about going to AC Moore and buying a bunch of wooden balls. Letting the children paint them, and using those as ornaments. I bet we can get a variety of cool wooden stuff like rocking horses, doll houses, etc that would make for a very pretty tree all hand painted by the children.

  4. I gave Cathy a lot of ideas on her blog. Have you guys made any of them yet? (There are tons more out there for every age group. Just Google “kids crafts, christmas”)

    One year our tree was totally homemade ornaments (with the exception of three very special ones passed down).

    When we had pets (cats mostly – the dogs never bothered our tree), we always hung the soft ones at the bottom.

  5. We’ve begun making them. Everyone had great suggestions! The kids are having a great time painting ornaments. People should do this periodically just to do it!

  6. I agree! It’s tons of fun, keeps them busy, and keeps me from killing them before Christmas.

    I have my stash hidden until Christmas break starts – so when they’re cooped up in the house, I can pull it out and say, “Hey, guess what! You get to craft instead of clean!” Becuase, well, they can’t be slaves ALL the time. 😉

  7. Oh, and of course we want to see pictures when they’re done!

  8. we bought a bunch of bows for the toddler year & with the addition of a dog they made a comback last year along the bottom of the tree

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