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Hair Grooming 2007

combWhat ever happened to those little combs? As I grew up, I constantly had 4 things: 1) my Old Timer pocket knife, 2) my watch, 3) a handkerchief, and 4) a black, hard plastic comb. I never carry a comb anymore but I can predict my wife will be quick to comment on my pocket stuff (today consists of 2 pocket knives, 2 sets of keys, wallet, change purse, handkerchief, cell phone, and a pen). Happy Days was a favorite show of mine and what boy of my generation didn’t grow up sweeping a comb through his hair doing a Fonzie? So, whatever happened to these combs? I cannot recall the last time I actually saw someone fix their hair with one and slip it back into their pocket much less create a kazoo!

2 thoughts on “Hair Grooming 2007

  1. School photographers buy them by the case!

  2. My dad still carries a comb.

    When I found myself carrying one a few years ago, I knew it was time to shave my head.

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