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Not in America! And Only in Knoxville…

Does that suit drive you nuts? Would you like to be a little more casual? Perhaps the Audrey Underwear company is for you.

The Audrey Underwear company in Taiwan asked it’s 500 women employs in the firms head quarters to come to work in camisoles and knickers to celebrate record sales. … More than 90% of female workers reportedly went along with the spirit of the day and worked in their underwear. [Source]

This takes Half-nekkid Thursdays to a new level!

And Knoxville shows its butt on the news with a woman who wants her butt implants removed: – Watch more free videos

2 thoughts on “Not in America! And Only in Knoxville…

  1. Sounds to me like two people are about to lose their jobs. (And if that type of reporting is allowed on the news, it’s a sad, sad world in Knoxville.)

    Laughing at her is something you do when you’re not on the air. (I feel for her. Botched surgeries are no joke, but yeah, to be flappin’ your hiney on video is just sort of asking for it. There were better ways to go about getting the word out.)

  2. The reporter concludes by saying “okay. Let’s get back here at home…” so I don’t think those were Knoxville reporters. It was probably filmed by the affiliate station here.

    When Cathy was filmed, we discussed the possibility that the editors at the station could choose to present us in a good light or bad. Fortunately, I think Cathy came out pretty shiny.

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