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I’ve got a golden ticket…I’ve got a golden…

So, as I understand it, there are roughly 15,000 people waiting to get into Seesmic. I think there are 3-4000 people on the system right now. Seesmic is a pre-alpha web application that is addictive as all get out! Pre-alpha means we are the test data and should not expect the system to work great; things will be broken! For someone who has not experienced Seesmic, the first description is often "Twitter, with video" but it is so much more! So, do you want to be in The Conversation?

I was sitting on a Seesmic invite because my schedule was so busy and I wanted to do something terribly creative to give it out. You know.. a contest or something. I originally thought I’d give it to a friend or family member but frankly I couldn’t figure out who the video junkies are.

I’ll put it out here. How should I decide who gets this Seesmic invite?

4 thoughts on “I’ve got a golden ticket…I’ve got a golden…

  1. Perhaps you should give it to someone at Friday night’s blogfest.

  2. Excellent thought! At Friday’s blogfest, I will give away a Seesmic invite and a wireless router!

  3. nekkidness should be involved.

  4. I second Critter’s suggestion, particularly since I won’t be there.

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