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Following for an audience

I am one of 3411 people The Today Show is following on Twitter. When you follow someone on Twitter, they receive an email notifying them that you are following which encourages you to follow them. Twitter spammers hope to draw audiences in this manner. Can a mere 3411 people be an asset to The Today Show’s audience? Not all will follow. Right now 563 people are following The Today Show. I suppose the viral marketing potential is very large. If a fraction of those 563 people grabbed onto one of the links in The Today Show Tweets, and moved it onto Digg or popularize it through blogs and emailing to people outside the list of 3411, then their marketing effort on Twitter would have proven itself worthwhile.

I wonder if a Today Show staffer is actually monitoring the Twitter feed of those 563 people. Could I actually post something that The Today Show finds newsworthy?

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