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Happy Birthday Sis!

My little sister turns 21 today! I remember Dad announcing her. We had just moved to Germantown TN. Each of our moves was prefaced with Dad announcing at the dinner table, "boys, we’re going to move." So when the tension at the dinner table grew and Dad started in with "boys, …" I started wondering where we might be going and why so soon. When he finished with "…your mother is pregnant" I kept waiting for the punchline. Not long after that, my sister was in the nursery around the corner from my bedroom and I would wake multiple times a night to go watch her breath dreading the horrid "crib death." I really liked the new addition to the family and looked forward to being a positive influence on her. A year later I was off to college and I blink my eyes and she’s in college!

Happy Birthday Kelly! Have yourself an adult beverage or two to celebrate but keep this video in mind:

p.s. Sorry about that dirty diaper I refused to change for 45 minutes when I was babysitting you.

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  1. OMG! I have tears rolling down my face from that one!!!

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