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What do you see around you?

Today I saw a slave cemetery. I learned that prior to a particular date graves were laid down in any direction then at a later date headstones and footstones of granite were placed at particular compass points (east and west respectively I think). I saw this when I pulled into a parking space and noticed an iron fence within the trees hidden away by shrubberies. Curiosity caught me and I wandered into the woods to discover a Greenways trail I did not know about and a sign describing the cemetery.

We walk through our lives often without seeing. In college, I read a poem that cannot remember but basically said we walk on the same path daily and never see our surroundings. To and from work or class we walk the same path with our minds constantly on other things. All the while, the dogwood tree goes unnoticed. We see it all the time and mentally block it, forget about it for it is constant, predictable and comfortable. If we force ourselves to walk a different path, then we start to notice the details and beauty around us. I try to keep this in mind as I go about my day and I see things!

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