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I want this phone!

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  1. hahaha, with dual bluetooth and all XD

  2. Hello Blogosphere,
    I am, a registered affiliate with zzzPhone, and in constant contact with the company. I can answer all your questions, and sell you the phones with a guarantee of service, and tech support. To answer some of the questions from other users and above, the reason the owner has those irrelevant domain names registered is because he is a massive business man, and this is only one of his many business’s. The phone is not running Windows Mobile as said originally, rather is running a proprietary linux OS. THIS IS NOT A SCAM.
    BIG NEWS NOT YET RELEASED! We are working to release all the phones with Android ( as the primary OS and will be available in approx 45 days. We have just hired 20 additional engineers and programmers to make that a reality, and also to develop Android apps specifically for the phone.
    To continue answering the questions from above, the site is still under development, and is now cross compatible with all browsers.
    There is now an option to remove the cameras on the phone bringing the lowest possible configuration to $138.
    There is also an option to upgrade the battery from 1800 to 2200mAh. This brings the life of the battery to be longer then the Nokia N95.
    As far as changing the body is concerned, do not despair, we have future models in development, and a full touch screen option is among them.

    The company is not a scam. As I said before the phone is currently running a proprietary Linux OS. We have Android in development, to be released within approx 45 days.

    The email is now setup for corporate email and all addresses end in The reason it was in gmail was because like everything else in launching a company there were complications.

    Until a week ago that was all they had was Chinese techs. They have since hired English speaking techs. You can direct your questions through me at I speak with them daily and can get answers quickly if I don’t know them off hand.

    I shall end by saying that they have no access to the paypal money since they haven’t shipped anything.

    Feel free to contact me at for more information, and visit my website at for more details, and ordering information.
    Jesse Nowlin

  3. Does the camera has a macros mode, or a auto focus lense?

  4. Hello Jimmy Chang! Looking into that question for you. Fyi.

  5. I received the ZED 1.1 phone some days ago. About 30 days after the order. I will write my impression in a few weeks.

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