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Holiday Cad

I let another holiday slip up on me but this time I had plans! I had a very specific hour set aside to get my shopping out of the way. Unfortunately, irony usurped that hour away from me.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Cad

  1. You know I would take a nap over a card any day. Especially after a night with two large dogs and a toddler squishing me off the bed.

  2. You’re on! Would you be my Valentine? Let me know when you want your nap and I’ll work upstairs with the toddler, 3 dogs and the cat.

  3. I hope ya’ll don’t mind if I indulge in mushy sentiments vicariously, while Mr. Rational bitches about today being a marketing conspiracy by Hallmark, Godiva and FTD.


  4. MMmmmm Godiva!

  5. Lissa – I’m the only person in this house who does anything for holidays. You are not alone.

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