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When will this day light savings madness end?!

Went to bed at 1am (that used to be midnight) with the intention of napping a couple of hours, rose at 7:08am and by some miracle got three children to their bus stops in time and one kindergartner (may have a tardy) driven to school right at the bell.

3 thoughts on “When will this day light savings madness end?!

  1. Why does any hour feel different than any other hour? I don’t get that. Sure, we were used to it being light at 7am, now it’s not quite light – and it was dark at 7pm, now it’s still light. But, you know, time change was three days ago.

    Seriously, dude. Alarm clocks. Several of them 😉

  2. Well I could have just posted “I overslept” but that doesn’t read as well 🙂

    This will be fixed tomorrow! I have to simply remind myself when to wake up before I go to bed. Been relying on habit rather than method. Haven’t used an alarm clock in 5 years.

  3. When I was in college I had 3 alarm clocks, one by the bed, one across the room on the desk and another on the window sill. Each was set one minute apart give or take seconds. I had this routine where they would go off and in one swoop I could rise from bed (never fully awake) and swirl around the room to snooze all 3 clocks then land back in the bed for more sleep.

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