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Daily irony

Number one: publish this book electronically
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3 thoughts on “Daily irony

  1. So do you advocate we abandon paper printing altogether to “save the environment”? Samuel Cogley might get on your case for that! 🙂

    Seriously, paper printing is still the best way to get a message out to people. Electronic delivery of content is still in its early stages as far as portability, re-readability and comfort.

  2. Until the kindle gives me a way to scribble, highlight, bend and have physical flags extend from it, I still require books.

    Now, that said, dealing with the horrors of php (that being that paper references to php get outdated so quickly) and more or less having to use online documentation (and CF’s have grown me accustomed to online publications. I think fewer things need to appear in print.

    We Interneters must remember there are a vast number of people who are still disconnected. They require paper.

  3. I’m thinking at this point in history, it’s us that are hyper-connected, rather than the “huddled masses” out there being disconnected.

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