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Ring pops?


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6 thoughts on “Ring pops?

  1. You never saw those before? They came out sometime in the 80’s, I believe. As did whistle pops.

  2. Click on the picture and look again.

  3. What? Yours weren’t pickles in the 80’s?

  4. Was this at the Midtown Drive-In in Harriman? I was there on Saturday night and remember seeing these at the concession stand too, and thinking it was sort of odd.

  5. Yes indeed! We were at the Midtown Drive-In Saturday also! We have the photographic evidence. Evan and I thought we instigated the horn blowing. As it turns out, we only blew the first horn. The manager asked that they allow the kids to blow the horns. If you were down on the first row like we were, it got old! Sadly, the manager explained to me that Midtown only has about 5 years left before it has to shut down due to the construction of a hospital. The lights from the hospital will pollute the area so much that the screen won’t be visible.

    I’m happy we enjoyed some movies with you Saturday. Small world! Btw, we were the family with the two black German Shepherds. Did you make it through all 3? We left about 3am which I guess would have been half an hour or so into Iron Man.

  6. Don’t think I saw you. My group was two or three rows back on the far left side in a red car and black truck. We did stay for all 3 movies, which put us home around 5am. (This was kind of foolish, as we had to get up sometime before noon the next day.)

    I didn’t know they were shutting it down that soon. I’ve only been there one other time, although I went to the one in Etowah several times when I lived in Athens.

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