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Waking Exhausted

What’s tickling my arm? Oh, the cat is on the bed sniffing me to wakefulness. Look at the time! This house is hot. Why am I so tired after such deep sleep? My dreams. Tossing and turning. Programming in my head. All night I saw code and solutions to the programming challenges I have during the day. Do I really need to get up? I feel like I worked all night long.

I must work harder at calming my mind before laying down for sleep at night. I am not a practitioner of meditation. I have always wanted to be. Jason Jarrett helped me understand the Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist chant of NAM-MYO-HO-REN-GE-KYO and that’s brought me closer to a meditative calm than anything else I have tried. Chapter 9 of the book You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method is supposed to be excellent on teaching meditation. I have the book but have never applied its lessons. I have other books but I think learning meditation could be something that requires a mentor. Of course, I tend to overlook the one thing that puts me into a trance and brings calm faster than anything else and that is juggling. For me, juggling is nirvana. Perhaps I should just juggle every evening before bed.

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