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Afternoon Torment – A glimpse into my day

I spent the morning banging on the keys on my keyboard taking stress breaks to jot a few words here and abuse Twitter (Twhirl makes it a bit too easy to use Twitter as a chatroom). I had a couple of posts I wrote several days ago scheduled for today so it probably looks like I blogged all day. I made great progress before the crack of dawn and through early morning. About lunch time I had to address the monkeys on my back. See, they’ve been getting fat and are weighing heavy without my permission.

One of the monkeys and I are fighting over whether or not the food was deserved, and, in the meantime, he’s cramming it down like the crops will run out tomorrow! I call him Chubs along with some words I won’t print here. He wants me to spend a couple of hours documenting the food to prove ownership. I cannot take that time from my clients so I delay the documentation until tomorrow and start pounding keys.

Another monkey taps me on the shoulder and explains that the commitment he made to me cannot be honored because he is changing the rules. That tune plays out to eight grand a year so it’s painful tap on the shoulder. There is an opportunity to get that monkey to stick to his commitment but it will require phone calls, emails, online chats, and, you guessed it, paperwork and documentation.

I am back to pounding keys to make my clients happy. They happen to be the ones who provide food for my monkeys. At 3:40pm, one of my monkeys decides that I should take action by 4:00pm or else I’d receive a hefty food penalty. I feed that monkey! And decide to make good use of my time. On the same trip, I drop 90 gallons of clothing and toy donations at Goodwill. (three 30 gallon trash bags of stuff = 90 gallons) I also drop by the grocery to make sure my family has dinner. And PetSmart since the dog food ran out. One of the monkeys burp. No! He belches!

I make it home by 5pm to return to coding at a panic’d rate. May I code until my fingers fall off!

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