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Psst! Hey, if you are going to borrow bandwidth, a link or credit would be appreciated. The source of the web design pie chart is from Photobucket.

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  1. Fixed. Was kinda tired last night. My bad.

  2. Thanks Shane! I don’t normally gripe but I’d forgotten about that wonder pie chart and it gave me a reason to link to it 🙂

  3. I laughed very hard when I got it from someone. I was having the CSS problem and once I saw that pie chart it made me wonder all those hours of having to find the simple CSS error that it was causing. 😀

    Was that you in the first comment of my post?

  4. No. The closest I ever come to commenting anonymously is with “djuggler” but that’s pretty much not anonymous. I have no idea who b was. I bet they are a reader here with good intentions. Links between sites, even if its a src to a picture, is good, helps page rank, creates traffic flow, and without it I would not have visited The Rabbit hole. Granted, I think I’ve been on your site before but not recently. Using the image created a reference in my referral log and gave me a reason to visit your blog. In turn I created a post about it and it gave others a reason to visit your blog. When you hovered over the picture, the url with Reality Me in it became visible and its possible that visitors came here from The Rabbit Hole and now with your direct link the likelihood is higher. This is the stuff that makes the web work. Now, if your post got dugg and I was getting nailed on bandwidth, that’d be a different story and we’d have to move the picture to Amazon S3 or something but again, a relatively easy thing to do. Bandwidth now-a-days is far less a big deal that back in the day when hotlinking really did add up dollarwise.

  5. Hah. Naw. Ok. I didn’t digg it. Only certain things I digg and that ain’t one of them.

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